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What are the costs? Please visit our Services page for exact rates. All fees are billed in advance, there is no contract you can go month to month.  If you’d like a trial campaign there is a minimum of 40 hours.

What are the benefits of using your service? Utilizing our service will save your company many resources such as time, employment costs and telecommunications. For example, we acquired a new client who was looking to hire a full time sales representative. We were able to save them a considerable amount of money by outsourcing the work to our organization. The breakdown was:

Hiring Sales Representative        Outsource for Knockout Marketing

Salary $30,000 + commission          Hourly rate $35 per hour

Full time Status                            3 days per week @ 6 hours per day

Full Benefits Package: $10,000       N/A

Average Taxes, W/C,

Payroll fees $10,000                      Set up fee (one time): $149

Annual Total: $50,000**              Annual Total: $31,649

Already have a full time sales staff? Great! We can help your team save time by

staying on the phone to set appointments and streamline their calendar.

What makes your service different from other telemarketing firms? We have streamlined our service to work in almost any industry. When you become our client,

we are an extension of you. When we make calls on your behalf, we present ourselves just as an employee would.  Our staff is not your typical call center staff. We are a smaller organization that is very selective about the talent we recruit. Our average account executive is articulate, professional and has at least 5+ years experience in sales or marketing and views this as his/her Career.

Is this service more cost effective than hiring a full time sales representative? It

depends on the situation, in most cases yes. Mostly due to the fact that if you want

to recruit and keep a high quality candidate you are looking at a base salary of at

least $30K, a fair commission structure and providing a comprehensive benefits

package. Please view the outline above for more information.

What should my budget be for this service to be the most effective? At a minimum,

plan on 20 hours per month, which is the bare minimum for this type of service to work. If that is not in your budget we would recommend hiring a part time person internally or doing your own telemarketing.

Once I sign up, what happens next? We have a form that we fill out with you to

find out more about your company, the types of leads you are looking to obtain,

your schedule and what type of results you can expect from us. Once this is complete we

set up your campaign, create a script and add you to the marketing calendar.

Each week, depending upon what program you choose, (appointment

setting or marketing promotions) you will receive emails in real time that can be

appointments, or email requests for you to follow-up. We also work with you if you don’t have a follow-up process in place internally.  Since most sales from appointments take an average of 6 months or longer to turn into a sale a strong follow-up process is crucial.

What kind of results can I expect? This answer will vary depending on campaign

type, your business needs, etc.  If you are looking for immediate sales results that occur within 30 days, this is not the right service for you.  Appointments are different, if you are in the staffing industry and want appointments to get your foot in the door, I would say expect 5-10 per month with 20 hours. However, if you are in the Group Health Insurance or 401(k) management, it will be less, most likely 4-6 appointments for the month. This will be discussed during your initial consultation. It is your responsibility to submit the required information to each outlet as you see fit. The longer you work on your campaign the better the results you will see, long term results have been reported by our clients within an 8-12 month time period AFTER starting their campaign.

How do we get started? You can sign up on our website under the Services page. You may also call us at 844-222-9740 or complete our online inquiry form. We will help you complete your online application and get started on helping you "Knockout" your marketing!

**These totals do not include any commissions you would pay your employee or the costs

associated with relieving them of their duties such as a severance package or unemployment costs.

Be sure to take notes during your FREE Consultation!

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